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Why the Belgian federation should be dissolved and Flanders should become an independent state.
News 04/10/2013
Saxe-Coburg Watch: Belgian royal family sparks controversy
King Albert caused a big political stir when he openly and frontally attacked the so-called populists in his yearly Christmas address on television. "They always look for scapegoats to be held responsible for the crisis. Either it’s the foreigners or people from a different part of the country," he said. "The crisis of the thirties and the populist reactions they triggered sho... | more

News 04/08/2013
Flemish independence means more democratic legitimacy
The struggle for national self-determination is on the rise across Europe. Scottish nationalists have demanded and obtained a referendum on Scottish independence. More than a million Catalans took to the streets in support of an independent Catalonia. In Flanders, the idea of an independent Flemish state is gaining ground as well. There is no such thing, however, ... | more

News 04/08/2013
Vlaams Belang has new chairman
On December 16, Gerolf Annemans was elected as the new chairman of the Vlaams Belang. At the party conference in Ghent, a clear majority of 92.1 percent of the party members supported Gerolf Annemans to lead the Vlaams Belang in the coming years. In his speech, Gerolf Annemans praised his predecessor Bruno Valkeniers. He also expressed his gratitude towards the two ... | more


Why Flemish independence is the only solution?
Politicians of the establishment Flemish parties, who are often too pragmatic, campaign for constitutional revisions and adjustments within the Belgian federal ... | more

Brussels as the bilingual capital of a free Flanders?
Historically, Brussels was a Dutch-speaking city. Research shows that less than 5% of all preserved public documents written before 1500 were written in French.... | more

But what about ‘national solidarity’ with Wallonia?
It is untrue to say that the Flemish people do not contribute to so-called ‘national solidarity’. Annually, between 5 tot 12 billion Euros flow from Flanders to... | more

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